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What's happening in December

Karl Booth
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For those of you who want the TL:DR version of our Events, to the left is the December Events calender.

Coming Up

Netrunner Winter Kit Event

On December the 6th we're running an Android Net Runner tournament along with the Android Netrunner and Ales Crew. The tournament is open to anyone, complete novices are we

2015 AN:R Winter Kit Tournament, focusing on a casual enjoyment of the game within a semi structured environment.
To have a bit of fun.
6th December 2015
Registration at 10:00am first game starts at 10:30am, latest anticipated finish 17:30.
UK, Hampshire, Portsmouth, Fistful of Dice, 72 Elm Grove

£5 per player, limited availability.
Tickets will be sold on a first come first serve basis and can be bought in advance from FoD website or on the door


On Ashen Soil (Age of Sigmar)

On Saturday the 12th of September, with the help of local author Justin MacCormack, we will be running our first Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Event. The event will consist of three simultaneous battles which will be narratively driven with specific objectives. When players have completed one battle, they are allocated a new opponent and play a second battle. Points are awarded for success during these two battles, and at the end of the second battle the player with the most points in total is the victor.

 Tickets will cost £5 and will be available in store or on our Website

Army composition
- Your army is divided into command, and troops. Your command can include units/warcrolls with the HERO, WIZARD and MONSTER keywords. Your command is capped at 20 wounds.
- Your troops may not include units/warcrolls with the HERO, WIZARD and MONSTER keywords. Your troops can be as many models as you like, up to your army's wound cap total. No single unit/warcroll can exceed 20 wounds (ie, a unit of 20 clanrats is cool, a unit of 10 ogres would need to be broken into two seperate units).
- Your army's wound cap total, including your command, is 100.
- A max of only 1 named character per army.
- Each player can field units/warcrolls from any Warhammer Fantasy / Age of Sigmar armies, as long as they are from the same Grand Alliance (ie, you can field an army of elves and dwarves as they are both part of the Order alliance, but could not field dwarves and skaven as the skaven are part of Chaos)
- Each warscroll you feature must appear in the relevant compendiums (ie, no homebrew units)


X-Wing Tournament

With Store Championship Season on the way we thought people might want to get some practise in. So on the 13th of December we're having a 100 point X-Wing Tournament. Any tournament legal lists are a-go, so lock S-Foils in attack position, load up your astromech droid and come find out if the force is with you. 

Registration open between 10:30 to 11:15
Play Starts at 11:30
Round 1 - 11:30 to 12:45
Round 2 - 13:00 to 14:15
Round 3 - 14:30 to 15:45
Long Break after Round 3 (15:45 to 16:30)
Round 4 - 16:45 to 18:00
Round 5 (if more than 16 players) 18:15 to 19:30
Prizes etc @ 18:15 or 19:45 depending on player numbers!

The First Snow of Winter (Game of Thrones LCG)

On December 19th we're having our first Game of Thrones LCG event with official Fantasy Flight Games support using the FFG Winter Prize Kit. Whether you're a brand new or experienced this will be a fun way to get some games in before the store championships.

The tournament will be a swiss style, the number of rounds and any cut will be dependant on participant numbers. Prize support includes:

1st Place: Playmat featuring Lord Commander Mormont
Top 2: An alt-art Tumblestone Knight card
Top 4: Night's Watch deck boxes
Top 16: An alt-art Fortified Position card
Edmure prize (last place): A promotional poster featuring Lord Commander Mormont


The Siege of Loathal (Star Wars Armada)

This is our first Starwars Armada Event, the Fleet size will be 300pts and we'll be running a three round swiss  style tournament with each round being 120 mins.

12:00 Registration
12:30 Round 1
14:30 Lunch
15:00 Round 2
17:10 Round 3
19:15 Winners declared and Prizes given out

For further tounrament rules please see the rules package below

Rulles Package

Tickets will be £10 (or £9 for our earlybird special) and are avaiable Via our Website or of course in-store.


Regular Events

Just to remind you, our regular event schedule is currently:

Quickdraw Wednesday

Every Wednesday is Quick-draw Wednesday our card-game night - we'll be playing Yu-gi-oh!, Pokemon The Game of Thrones LCG, Munchkin and Vanguard.

Every other week we host our regular officially sanctioned Vanguard tournament with prizes and fun for all, the tournament is run on a Swiss system with prizes for first and second and third place as well as sealed promo's for all players.

If you don't see your favourite card game bring it down and show others how it's done.

Entry is £2.00 on the door 


Friday Night Magic

Every Friday sees our regular Friday Night Magic event where our local players come down and get their MTG on. Our main format is Commander but we change it up on a regular basis playing standard, modern, booster drafts tiny leaders and much much more. As always we have plenty of casual play and trading going on, so come down and join in the fun!

£5 on the Door, includes a FREE Booster!
The Evening starts at 18:00 with sanctioned play starting at 19:00 


Saturday Wargames

Every Saturday you can come in-store and play whatever war-game you want for only £2.00 for the whole day! So whatever your game: Malifaux, WarmaHordes, Infinity, Warhammer 40,000, Dropzone Commander, Batman, X-Wing, or something new or you want to show off come on down!



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