January Newsletter

What's happening in January

Karl Booth
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January Events

For those of you who want the short version, here is our January events calander, read on for more details.

January-Febuary Magic Events

And here is one specific to our Magic The Gathering players.

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What's New?
 Well several things….

The Year!

All of us here at A Fistful of Dice hope you had a great 2015, and we're all looking forward to the year to come! We intend to keep improving our gaming area and running more fun events, so whatever you play, come and play it with us!

New Year New Game January Sales!

We like to do things a little differently here, so instead of a boring everyday kind of sale, we are making it easier to start a new game for the start of the year. What does this mean? The basic premise is if you buy a starter set/intro pack/crew box/[Insert totally cool and unique name for intro set here] we will give you 20% off a related products. Now if you want to find out the specifics, well then you should head in-store and check them out!!!

Our Prices

The frankly immense task of re-pricing all our stock continues, the white stickers show a products standard retail price, and the yellow stickers show our price a nice 10% less!!!

New and Terrible Puns 

Scott has vowed to dedicate more time to creating puns, we don't expect to see in increase in quality, just quantity keep on reading and you'll see what I mean. (puns don't deserve any exclamation marks)


Coming Up

For Yan Lo Syne (Malifaux Tournament)

For all Malifaux players; to continue in our reign of terror and this time we're going large with a 50 soul stone battle. So come on down and we'll give you guys another chance to cheat fate in the New Year for Yo Lan syne!!

This tournament will be run using the 2015 Gaining ground tournament rules.
Available from Wyrd Website here: (

The Strategies will be as follows:

Round 1 - Extraction using Corner Deployment

Round 2 - Interference using Standard deployment

Round 3 - Head-hunter using Flank Deployment

The soul stone limit for this tournament will be 50ss.
The Tournament will run for three rounds, with any ties to be decided by play off.
Pairings will be generated via a Swiss pairing system.

12:00 Registration.
12:30 Round 1.
14:35 Lunch.
14:30 Round 2.
16:30 Round 3.
18:35 Prizes handed out and souls crushed.

Tickets for this event are £10.00, available in-store and from our website: (
As always you can pay on the door.

This tournament will be Fixed Faction, and your faction must be declared at the start of the event.

In the case of crews with dual faction you must nominate one faction for them at the start of the event, and this will remain their faction until the end the event.

Each event ticket will come with a goody bag and a raffle ticket. Between rounds we will be raffling off a blood red Betty Noir and a pair of Ice Gamin, exceptionally well painted by David McDermott.

There will also be a Mystery Box prize for the best sportsman

(note: out of faction models may be included if one or more
special hiring rules allow them to be included in your crew)

The Start Wars (Star Wars Intro Day)

On Sunday the 10th of January we'll be demoing X-Wing, Armada, and Imperial Assault all day on the 10th of January.

So if you're a newbie thinking of getting into Star-Wars or an experienced player just looking for a a games

Gaming for Star Wars related Games will be free all day.

Oath of the Gatewatch Pre-release (Magic The Gathering)

On Saturday the 16th of January we're holding Pre-Release event for the upcoming Oath of the Gatewatch

We are again going to hold two events on the same day! (don't worry we've gotten more fans this time and a large air conditioning unit)

One in the Afternoon - 12:00 till 17:00

And one in the Evening - 18:00 till 23:00

Tickets are £20 until the 11th of January, and £22 after that. Tickets are available in-store, or on our website. There may be tickets available on the day, but please book in advance to avoid disappointment.


Pre-releases are Sealed Deck format events, where players are given Pre-release Packs and time to construct a 40-card minimum deck. The Oath of the Gatewatch pre-release is being run as a 2-Headed Giant format as recomended by Wizards!

Pre-release Packs make deck-building more exciting with the inclusion of specialized, “seeded” booster packs and regular booster packs that let players choose a focus for their deck.

Players who are uncomfortable building a Sealed Deck may participate in Open Dueling instead of the main tournament. Open Dueling players use an Intro Pack to experience the new set a week before it hits shelves.


Prerelease events focus on fun and enjoying the upcoming Magic expansion, allowing players a chance to experience the newest cards in a fun and stress-free environment. That said, as Sealed Deck tournaments, they follow certain rules for deck construction and play.

- Decks must be constructed with a minimum of 40 cards

- Decks may only be built using cards opened in the Pre-release Packs assigned at the beginning of the event, and no outside cards may be added.


Players get to keep all of the cards opened in their Pre-release Pack or Intro Pack. In addition Pre-release Packs contain a premium foil Pre-release promo to keep. Players who participate in the tournament also have a chance to win additional booster packs of the newest set—an exclusive opportunity to take home even more of the latest cards before they’re available to purchase in stores!

Additional Prizes will include boosters for all Participants

WarmaHordes Games Day

We have a lot of love for Warmachine and Hordes down here at Fistful so
with the help of David our local Pressganger (That's war-machine and Hordes expert to you and me) we're running another WarmaHordes Game Day.

We're going to be playing the game, having fun, helping people catch up with new rules, meet others and generally get into Privateer Press's fantastic games.

We'll be

-Running intro games for beginners
-Offering advice on tactics and army builds
-We'll be running some painting lessons
-Giving advice for building miniatures

So, whether you're an old hand looking to get back in or someone brand new to Warmachine or Hordes, we're running a day for you to come on down and join the fun.

Tickets will be £2 on the door.This event is a place holder for an upcoming Warmachine/Hordes tounament.

By Inferno's Light (Age of Sigmar)

A series of battles raging across the Realm of Fire. Play as the forces of order struggling to liberate the land, or as the forces of chaos striving to destroy it! 

Army Composition Restrictions
1. You can field models from any army, but your army must be from the same grand alliance (Order, Chaos, Destruction or Death)s. 

2. Armies cannot exceed 125 wounds worth of models.

3. HERO and WIZARD warscrolls cannot exceed 25 wounds in total. No duplicate HERO choices.

4. Any MONSTER or WAR MACHINE or any other warscrolls that also have the HERO keyword count towards your HERO wound cap.

5. Max 0-3 MONSTER warscrolls.

6. Max 0-3 WAR MACHINE warscrolls.

7. Max of 3 of any individual Warscroll.

8. Max 20 wounds per Warscroll.

9. Max 20 Warscrolls.

10. Max of 1 named character per army.

tickets to the Event will cost £5 and will be avialable from our website or as on the door

Moonlit Dragonfang Sneak Peek (Vanguard)

Yet again down at A Fistful of Dice we have worked our buts off to bring our Vanguard players another sneak peak event, this time for the Moonlit Dragonfang release.


Registration begins at 12:00


The tournament starting by 12:30

So come on down and have a counterblast!!!!


The Event Cost wil be £10 with Tickets available online


and as always in store


The format is Booster Draft


1. Decide on the seating arrangement around the table with a random method. (e.g. rock-paper-scissors)


2. Each person will open one pack, and check the cards inside that pack. (Booster Packs from Vol.6 – Breaker of Limits onwards will contain 4 normal units and 1 trigger unit, making it a total of 5 cards.)


3. Choose the trigger unit, as well as a normal unit and place them face down! Fighters may not peek at the face down cards. (If you are drafting Extra Boosters or Booster Packs Vo.1 to Vol.5, each player chooses only one card.)


4. Once everyone has chosen their cards, all fighters will pass the rest of the cards in hand to the person on the left, in a clockwise direction!


5. With the cards received from the fighter on the right, choose a card and place it face down. Once everyone is done, pass the rest of the cards in hand to the left again. Repeat until all the cards have been taken.


6. Between the third and fourth pack, you may check your own face down cards! Starting from the fourth pack, pass the cards in hand to the person on your right(anti-clockwise)! 7. Once all 6 packs have been opened and passed around, the draft ends! The fight will now begin with the 30 cards chosen and formed as a deck!


Deck building


1. Use all the 30 chosen cards as your deck!


2. The rules which restrict only 4 of the same card, as well as only 4 heal triggers in a deck do not apply here!


There will be limited places so please book your place asap. As always feel free to come down on the day however we cannot guarantee places on the day.