50 Shades of Ghar

More Ghar painting shenanigans

Scott Wilson

As any of you who read my previous blog on my Ghar force, may know my first thoughts on a painting up my Ghar force went a little old school giving them a bit of an 80's military look. But it occurred to me that Gates of Antares is one of the few high Sci-Fi games out there (meaning there's no grimdark and everything is shiny and new) so I might be missing out on this by choosing a retro paint job so I decided to go new and shiny!

Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

I'd already experimented with an I-tech beige when getting the demo force ready for the shop so I decided instead to work on something a bit more futuristic. I took my inspiration from the beetle like nature of the Ghar and the fact that they remind me a little of the Garthim from Dark Crystal (if your fantasy fan and haven’t seen Dark Crystal do it now I'll wait….good isn't it) and decided to paint them black and give them a gloss finish. To give them some colour and break up the shell I highlighted the joints in their armour with some old Scorpion Green (although if run out moot green works just as well).

Just for completeness sake here's the three colour schemes I've tried so far...

Odoo CMS - a big picture