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Once more we dive into the lead mountain and emerge with painted figures. As mentioned in my introductory post I have a large Minions army for Warmahordes* and the new MK3 rules are quite superb, in addition to the smoothing out of crunchy rule issues they have also merged some of the smaller sub armies such as mine, effectively giving me a much larger faction then I had before. This also precipitated Privateer Presses 'Journeyman League', effectively a slow grow league designed to get players used to new rules and or factions. This has been the perfect opportunity for me to paint my own (sadly only primed) miniatures.

I chose Minions over other factions due to their uniqueness, not many players have them and although they were somewhat weak originally they were also certainly fun to play. Now however MK3 has given them a power boost by merging my sub army (Blindwater Congregation, effectively Voodoo Alligator-men and their fish/frog-man slaves) with the second Minion sub army ( Thornfall Alliance, Boar-men with Frankenstein monsters) into a cohesive whole. For the Journeyman League though I mostly stuck with what I already owned to help me finally get it painted.

First up is the Blindwater Congregations 'Leader', Bloody Barnabus.

* - Warmachine and Hordes for the uninitiated are two separate games created by Privateer Press that share the same world and have an incredibly similar rule set allowing them to officially play against each other, thus the portmanteau of 'Warmahordes'.