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Scott Wilson
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Scott's Adriana Contingent

Well basically I've a thing for wolves (I'm basically a furry) and Adriana has wolves. oh boy does it have wolves From Dog Warriors to Antipode to Wolvers,plus it has big loud gun and who doesn't like loud guns (well quite a lot of people probably).

Dog Warriors.
I’ve painted up some Kazaks and a couple of Tank Hunters (which I'll probably talk about later) but my absolute favourite models have to be my Dog Warriors. They're big they're visceral but mostly they're werewolves, giant half alien werewolves (what's not to love).

I've spent a reasonable amount of time on these guys as I wanted them to look right, and they always pay off in game(even if they only die in a horrifically entertaining way).

The big brutes tear their way up the field and shred whatever you send the after and with their high physical armour and wound stats. they have good staying power.

But I have to admit the main attraction for me is sill the imagery, huge ten foot tall warwolves ripping the arms off enemy tags or super-jumping where my opponent least expects them. If your looking to get into infinity then these guys are a lot of fun (and if your looking for a game pop into the shop).


Odoo Members

CH Camo


Playing Ariadna I need a lot of Camo tokens (it's kinda their thing) so being as I had some spare bases and I'd just based my Tank Hunters it seemed appropriate to make matching Camo tokens

So I spread a little liquid green stuff over the base to give it a nice muddy texture, then added tufts care of Army Painter, before finally using Micro arts realistic water to add some puddles (for some reason I always picture Ariadna as wet and muddy).

I also decided to knock up a few mine tokens for the rare occasions that my mines get discovered but not destroyed (OK that almost never happens but I was on a roll) so with a few grenades from the bits box and some loose thread I put these little blighter’s out.