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Getting started

So, some of our customers have been making diorama’s, which peaked my interest as it's something I’ve never tried before.

So I thought I'd give it a go, I've always wondered what Ariadna (a fictional world from Corvus Belli's infinity game) looked like so I thought I'd try to bring a small part or it to life.

I started fairly simply by cutting out the basic shape from an empty Haribo box (thanks Rob)

The next thing I needed to do was texture the ground, I wanted a muddy texture so I started by applying a thick coat of PVA glue (an old tube from GW).

After that to give it some texture I used a little sand and a bit of baking soda then I mixed brown paint with yet more PVA and coated the ground till it looked sludgy.

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For the background I had a bunch of spare leave canopies from GW's woods set this gave me a good base to work from.

The rest of the background was even simpler I just painted it black added stars.

I also used a couple of spare poles form an old goblin town set to cover up some molding in the plastic then just added some scrub bush.

the last touch was to use some realistic water in the dips to give it a muddy wetland look

I'm happy with the end result but I plan on doing some more later :)

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