The Fast and the Curious 2

A Tune Up and a Paint Job

Scott Wilson
Odoo Members 

After having put a few games under my belt it occurred to me that I rarely play my Headhunters as Black Sun Cartel so their paint job didn't really make sense.

So having seen many of our locals spruce up their X-wing games with a little repaint I though I'd give it a go.

First off (I thought) I needed a theme, I looked around the Star Wars universe but couldn’t find anything that Really caught my eye. But after I little thought (and a couple of beers) I knew what I had to do.

These guys are the scum of the universe, hotshot pilots in hotshot ships, and what do hotshots do... they customize their vehicles! so I decided to do my ships up in the flashiest colours in the universe so taking my inspiration from the ultimate custom vehicle movie (The Fast and the Furious) I set about my ships with a paint brush!

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I started off with a classic all black paint job with red thrusters and silver trim finished with a gloss varnish,

before moving on to something far less tasteful, a bright green Z95 with black thrusters a blue eagle emblazoned on the side!

The plan for my next ship is to take inspiration from Fast and Furious's silver Nissan Skyline to bling up my new Kihraxs fighter!