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My Chaos Warband

T'zael D'char.

As anyone who's seen my model collection knows I love knocking together conversion and this Saturday was a no exception.

I was looking through the shops bits box today when I found a couple of wing from an un-built Pegasus Knight and it got me thinking, I've always been a fan or Tzeench there's just something about chaos god of lies and mutation that makes him my go to chaos power and GW's new Age of Sigmar really seems to lend itself to old school chaos war-bands.

So I've decided to kit bash myself a war-band starting with as all good Tzeenchian war-bands should with a chaos sorcerer.

Using the lords of change as an inspiration I 'v given him the wings with the torso from a Woodelf Glade rider, it took a good amount of cutting down and green stuff to fill the cracks. Then to bulk him out I added a shoulder paldron from a grave guard.

Next after a little rooting around I found the flaming hand from one of the Sister of the Thorn (left over from the same box set) so I trimmed of is dagger hand and added that (he is a sorcerer after all).

Then came the head I didn't want an elf head (otherwise he'd just end up being a winged elf) and all the human heads we too big for the neck, fortunately one of our customers cam to my rescue and generously gave me a head from the Male Multi-Pose Figures for through the breach

and for the hones I trimmed the briar javelins from the sisters of thorns.

The legs came from a Dark Elf Spear-man and I finished him of with I think is a grave guard sword.

I'm not sure what I'm going to add to my war-band next but whatever it is I'm sure going to have fun building it!

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It's All About the Wings

So I've painted up my sorcerer and I'm reasonably happy with the results.

The skin doesn't show up to well on this photo but the blue blends well with the rest of the model and the shading is actually very nice (honest), the war-skirt is a little flat but the metallic purple is a nice colour (I'm considering re-doing it in non-metallic metallic effect). The hand is a basic flame effect but it's the wings I'm happiest with I used a black base with deep blue dry-brush followed by and electric blue one to give the feathers some depth then I turned them into a star-field with planets rings meteor a shower and a gas nebula.

I'm not done yet but I'm not sure what to do next.