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This week I began with a fairly momentous occasion, I finished a project ! My World War Two Desert British are finally complete. More of a 'generic' force then any particular unit or regiment these guys have served me fairly well in Bolt Action and hopefully some more WW2 rules I'll be playing in the future. The whole force was painted a while ago and my painting had improved somewhat so getting a unified look was a tad difficult, in the end I merely speed painted the whole thing.

As you can see they are ok from a distance, more 'gaming' models then display ones. Also there's a walking tank, not exactly the most historically accurate figure but he's there for a reason. My WW2 armies (German and British) pull double shifts as Weird War armies. Just the addition of some power armour or zombies and voila ! A whole new force for a new game. The HMG and Medium Mortal models in this particular picture come from Perry Miniatures, my army is mostly composed of their wonderful sculpts. The Walking Sherman however comes from the Paulo Parente DUST line, given a quick coat of Army Painters Desert Yellow to create a 'Desert Sherman Camo' effect and a wash of Dark Coat to bring out the detail.

Following this I finished some more Retro Raygun miniatures. This time Minibots for The Robot Legion. A simple paintjob, just sprayed Plate Mail Metal, then a few details blocked in with the eye colour separating each unit.

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