Wotan Battle Report 1 Pan O Vs Ariadna

A Battle Report for Infinity (By Chris Howell)

Scott Wilson

After winning the initial roll off, my opponent opted for deployment, allowing me to go first.

Turn 1: the panO turn opened with the bolt trio moving up to the ambulance, positioning to take an antenna next turn. the missile launcher bolt link leader successfully discovered a kazak spetsnaz with HMG on a rooftop overlooking the antenna, and after a lengthy gunfight, the spetsnaz ate two missiles to the face and was wiped off the battlefield (thank god for bioimmunity). with the remaining 2 orders, the TO marker moved up the left flank, along with the deva spending his lieutenant order to enter suppressions.

ariadna moved to capture the antenna on the left flank, with an SAS securing the antenna from outside the swiss guard's view, then popped out to discover the swiss. A tankhunter then surprise shotted the swiss with an adhesive launcher before retreating to safety, and while he failed to dodge, he passed the PH roll to not get stuck.

Turn 2:

the bolt group moved forward, capturin the right flank antenna, and setting up to prevent the opposing veteran kazak from advancing. On the left flank, the swiss glue gunned the SAS, giving PanO a hunted specialist, then entered suppression fire to deter any would be attackers.

Ariadna focussed it's efforts on attempting to glue gun the swiss guard, but again the swiss managed to pass his PH rolls to stay unstuck. On the riht flank a second tankhunter succesfuly glue gunned the bolt with drop bears, but was met with the boarding shotgun of the bolt hacker, failing his armour roll and going down.

Turn 3

The swiss guard flicked his multi rifle to shock, and managed to score a crit on the tank hunter who'd been pummeling him with adhesive shots, then flipped the console back from ariadna to pano, meanwhile the bolt link attempted to light shotgun the veteran kazak, succeeding in scoring only a single wound, leaving him alive.

ariadna's final turn consisted of a mad rush to resurrect a tankhunter with a kazak paramedic, only to have the tankhunter get boarding shotgunned back to unconsciousness by the bolt hacker

Game ends, final score:

PanO 4
Ariadna: 0

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