Wotan Battle Report 2 Ariadna Vs Haqq

A Battle Report for Infinity (By Scott Wilson)

Scott Wilson

With one of our local players keen to try out his Haqq for this mission I thought I'd give it another try.

Winning the setup roll I chose to go for the board edge with the height advantage (I often do this because HMGs and Autocannons are cool right?) And set up second, while Ben chose to go second (whoda thunk it?).

The opening salvo came from my Spetsnats Sniper opening up on Leila Sharif, driving her back into cover.


Following this my Chasseur ( in camo) moved in and dropped a mine to box in the antenna while at the other side of the battlefield my Tank Hunter moved up to a better position.

Ben responded by not only splurging my Chasseur  with his adhesive launcher but pulling my SAS out of camo and splurging him too.

Ben lost several troops to the big guns but managed to hunt down all three of my specialist with a plucky Jannissary while only loosing one of his own.  He Secured an antenna with Al Hawwa while his Murabid Tuareg booped the HVT to score a classified for him.

However as he left the board with only 116 point remaining I took some solace in having at least killed something this time.

Haqq 7
Ariadna 1

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